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Your Legacy is a fire.

We’re here to keep it burning bright.

Our Story

When I was younger I remember spending time in grandpa’s shop as he was working. He owned his business since before my dad was born. But by the time I was a teen all the kids and grandkids had moved away, though we would visit over the holidays.

He wanted to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labor, but he wasn’t able to find a buyer for his business. Lots of people had inquired about his business, but the minute they learned that he was leasing his shop they turned away – You see, they weren’t interested in continuing his business, they just wanted the real estate so they do their own thing.

In the end he had no option but to turn in the keys to his lease and walk away from his business with nothing. For over 47 years everything from his business had gone to put food on the table, but he wasn’t able to build enough savings for a pension or a proper retirement. His legacy was over.

His experience inspired me to put myself through business school, I knew I couldn’t help him at the time but I wanted to be able to help others keep their legacy going. I didn’t want to see that fire burn out. This is the essence of Bonfire Growth Partners.

Our Mission

Bonfire Growth Partners is here to make sure you don’t walk away with nothing when it’s time to retire from your business.

We keep your legacy alive…

…You collect a percentage of the profits. Think of it as an annuity.

Our mission to ensure and protect American entrepreneurship through our 501c3 nonprofit. Turn the Key to Success, our flagship program, connects deserving Americans with the opportunity to successfully operate a small business.

You, more than anyone else in this world, knows just how your business runs. We promise to uphold your standards and continue to run the business while giving you the opportunity to enjoy a profitable retirement.